Elffi Cosplay (Interview in English)


Name or pseudonym: Elffi

Why did you choose That name? 
My cosplay alias is Elffi. But it's not a cosplay alias only. I've been using my nickname for the past 10 years already. I have never had another nickname.  I think I choose it because I've always been a great fan of Elves, and at that time I was playing this game called Warhammer Fantasy Battle with an army of High Elves.
They are tall and thin and very blonde, like I was back then, nowdays I'm a bit bigger though. There are two parts in my name, Elf as an Elf and FI as the short two word compound for Finland, they country I'm from.
Occupation: I study Japanology and Asian Business in two different universities.
Place of origin: Sotkamo, very small and cold town in Finland, near Russian borders. 
Date of Birth: 26th of Novermber, 1987

Website : 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElffiCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElffiCosplay
Deviantart: http://elffi.deviantart.com/
Worldcosplay: http://worldcosplay.net/member/Elffi/
- What is the definition of cosplay for you? 
It means making costumes and wearing them. The costumes can be anyting, varying from animes to mangas, tv series to games.
- When did you start doing cosplay and why?
I got involved in Japanese anime in 2006. My cousin came to visit me and we watched Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki together. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and music. Afterwards I borrowed more of the movies and started to watch series like Bleach and Full Metal Alchemist. One of my good friends got interested in the same things as I, and we decided to make our first cosplays for Animecon 2006. My family is really artistic and many of us are musicians and artists. So I share the interest and also have a good eye and skills in crafts and sewing. I really like to make things. 

- What was your first cosplay? 
I fell in love with this character called Kurosaki Ichigo, I felt really similar to him. Bleach was also one of my first animes. So my first cosplay was Ichigo's Shinigami form in Animecon 2006, Helsinki, Finland.

- What cosplay is a challenge for you?
 Hmm, making a cosplay is always a challenge, but I don't have any dream costumes or challenges I'm eagerly waiting to do. Actually I'm very strict in choosing my characters and always lack ideas of what do to next.
- Do you make your own costumes?
 I always make my own costumes. Wigs, makeup, tattoos, props, armors, swords, sewing parts, everything. I also like to share it all to all my friends and fans, so we can spread the love of cosplay!
-What advice would you give to the cosplayers who are reading the interview?There are many different ways to think what cosplay really is. I have been thinking it a lot also. Even if you make a perfect cosplay, someone will always say something bad about it. That's a shame in my opinion. People have their own ways of thinking things, but it would be great if we all could get along with eachother. The only objective cosplay is really meant for is to have FUN, TRULY.
- What is the reaction of your family and friends About Being cosplayer?
As I said, all my family members are artists and musicians, really innovative and creative person, and a bit weirdos like me too. They are really excited about cosplay also and support me in every subject.
- How cosplayer you have a dream?
I don't have any dreams.
-as you choose your characters to play?
I watch heaps of animes, currently I have watched around 13000 episodes of anime in my life. I search for characters I feel similar to, and who have the same facial expressions, face and and especially HEIGHT as I got.
I'm really tall you know, almost 190cm, so sometimes it's really hard to find character which I would fit in. But for example, as I'm kinda strict in these things, I'm exactly the same height, weight and age as Barnaby Brooks Jr. from Tiger&Bunny, that's was one of the reasons why I cosplayed as him. My partner (Kotetsu) was also all the same with his character. We had a great photoshoot in Paris, France for the Cosmode magazine in Japan.
-How it feels to have so many fans?
Oh, as I know so many Asian cosplayers and other cosplayers worlwide, I think I'm kinda tiny player in these circles. In Asia the whole cosplayer idol thing is totally in other level than in Europe or any other region.
Of course I'm really glad that people like my works also, and I feel humble about it.
-You admire some cosplayer?
I'm one of those guys who have never had any idols, like bands or artists. Just never thought that would be a thing for me. I like a lot of cosplayers and admire their works, but I cannot say any spesific names above other, there are so many lovely cosplayers around the world, and all of them are my good friends :)
-Tell us some anecdote funny

You guys know my Vash the Stampede costume and that 4 meter long prop, Angel Arm, right? I'll let you know that I made the whole thing in two days. Actually I was mostly drinking beer and doing it 24/7! I was really drunk. Really inspiring moments of frustration and success! I also had to use frozen vegetable soup to freeze the hot glue as quick as possible, so I bought heaps of frozen vegetable soup!

* extras
-favorite color: Orange
-hobbies: Gym, Clarinet, Classical Singing, Choir.
-Favorite Food: RED MEAT YARRRRRRR! :3

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