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We are happy that cosplay kamui has accepted this interview for our blog, we want you Blogoversary this interview as much as us and why not? see how they work ...

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-Name or pseudonym:

- Why did you choose that name?
It’s the name of my World of Warcraft character and since I mostly cosplay this character I just decided to use it as my pseudonym.


-place of origin:
Nuremberg, Germany



- (Optional, blog, Facebook, Twitter etc.)

- What is the definition of cosplay for you?
Cosplay for me is a wonderful chance to live my dreams, work creatively and share my passion with others. And it's a way to prove myself.
Every costume consists of parts. First I need to find the right way to create it. It's the result of a lot of research and development but it also goes hand in hand with failures and desperation. I have to fight with myself and to force myself never to give up or be desperate. And especially never to stop at one point in my evolution.
It's also very important to share my knowledge and experiences with others. I'm writing tutorials, holding workshops and trying to help everyone with their own projects. I guess, cosplay is not only a hobby, but a whole community of people who love to work creatively.
For me it became something of a lifestyle and even changed my life. I'm not able to imagine a life without it anymore.

- When did you start doing cosplay and why?
In 2003 I visited my very first convention, Animagic 2003. I knew that most of the people would come with a costume, so I also had to create my very first cosplay.

- What was your first cosplay?
The Great Saiyaman from Dragonball Zwas my very first cosplay at Animagic. The costume itself was just awful! I used wrong and cheap fabric and everybody saw, that I couldn't sew. However it was a great idea to cosplay, especially because this made the convention even greater than it already was. I still love the character so much that I've redone my costume last year!

- What cosplay is a challenge for you?
Generally it’s costumes which need research and experementation. It’s never easy to start with a project, if you have no idea how you can bring it to life. For example my Asmodian Gladiator was a pretty hard and challenging project, because I’ve never done an armor before, had now idea, which material I would need and what points are important. Alexstrasza also needed a lot of research and experementation and I really learned a lot from both projects.

- makes its own costumes?
Yeah, I always create costumes, but I also would buy costumes if it’s easier for me. I thought about wearing a Star Trek uniform at Dragoncon with my husband and I guess, next year we would just buy one. I’m also pretty bad in sewing, so why not?

-Which characters have played?
I mostly do video game cosplays. I love MMORPGS, so I already made two costumes from Aion. But Blizzard games, especially WoW is my huge love and that’s the reason for my five Nightelf Druid costumes.

-we know that all the cosplays you have done most are armor, why? What inspired you to make these costumes detailed?
Well, I’m not a fan of sewing because of my lack of skill and patience. But I love buidling! Creating armor allows me to work with different materials and techniques and for me it’s much more fun than sitting at the sewing machine. And I just like the feeling to walk around in a huge, heavy armor at a convention.

-and here comes the question whose answer everyone wants to know (XD. .. really) How long do you need to develop such costumes ?
It pretty much depends on the costume. Some years ago I needed months to create one of my Druid costumes. Now I’m able to create such a costume in a few weeks, because I just know excactly what I have to do and which materials I need. However it’s something completely different if I have to create something, which needs a lot of research. Alexstrazsa took about three months to get it done, because I failed at many parts and had to redo them. The Asmodian Gladiator was also a project of 5 months. And now I would be able to copy this costume some weeks. So, it’s always a question of the costume choice.

- What are the materials you normally use?
Expanding foam and Wonderflex are my favourite materials, but I also work a lot with furniture leather, different fabrics or crafting materials.

-approximately how much you spend on each costume?
I mostly spent something between 300 and 500 Euros. However Aion was my most expenisve costume and cost about 1000 Euros.

- What is the character who most want to play and why?
It’s definetely my Nightelf Druid. I already have 5 costume versions of this character and she is just a huge part of my live and teached me how wonderful cosplay is.

- What is the reaction of your family and friends about their work as cosplayer?
At the beginning, they told me, that it’s just a waste of time and money. Now they are pretty pround of me and support and motivate me to keep on working. I’m very lucky to have to wonderful people around me.

- How cosplayer you have a dream?
Bumblebee from the Transformers Movies is my huge dream. I already know how to create it, but I have no idea how to transport it and so it will keep beeing a dream until I find a solution.

- Have you won an event, which, where, and with that cosplay?
Yeah, I won some costume contests with my Druid costumes at some conventions... But I don’t really care about these contests and so I don’t remember anymore.

-what advice would you give to the cosplayers who are reading the interview, and those who are entering the world of cosplay
I hope this interview shows well, how wonderful and awesome this hobby is. And for those who want to start with an own project:
Start with small projects and start early enough. Sewing the night before a convention is really frustrating, even if it can be really funny. Know how much time, money and effort you are able to spent and plan your projects well.
And the most important point is to search for help, tutorials and progress blogs. There is always someone, who worked on a similar project or costume part and even shared his work. If not, ask them! It can be very expensive and frustrating to fail and a project makes much more fun, if you're sucessful.
And the last point: Be brave and never give up! If you really want to finish a well made costume, then you'll do it!

-what is your opinion about the cosplayers of mexico?
I always watch the final of World Cosplay Summit and so far as I saw, cosplay in Mexico is pretty popular and people there are very skilled and talented. I would really love to visit a covention in Mexico and see als these awesome costumes live there.

-At present there is much rivalry between the cosplayers, and there are those who believe they act with arrogance is the answer to be given the fame he obtained,
could give us your opinion;

I’m pretty sad about the devopement in the cosplay scene, because I think it’s the wrong way. Cosplay is a perfect way, to experess yourself, show your skills and also help others. I try to be a good model and help others as much as I can. We all should love that so many other people share this passion and work together instead of against each other.

-Tell us some anecdote (funny moments, strange experiences, etc.).
Yeah, I guess it was on the stage at Blizzcon 2009 at the dance contest.
It was very late and I was unbeleavably exhausted, because I already had to wear my heavy leather armor and my staff for 12 hours straight and I just wanted to go on stage as fast as possible, to do my perfomance and go directly to the hotel afterwards.
In the last hours I had to stand in line and to wait for 2 hours; my feet burned like hell in my high heels and my body was just a huge chunk of pain. It was very, very hard trying not to collapse or even fall asleep right there on the ground.
Today I can't remember much of what happened when I entered the stage, danced and left the convention. I guess, it was just too much for my body, despite of it being just amazing to stand in front of 20000 people and a lot of other guys who watched the show on the internet. Ehm... I guess...


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