Ryeain cosplay

E aqui la entrevista que le hicimos a ryeain, cosplayer de malasya, espero y les guste, porsupuesto esta entrevista este en ingles pero pueden utilizar el traductor del blog.


Name or pseudonym:

- Why did you choose that name?
randomly on keyboard? XD

still a student

-place of origin:


- Facebook:

- What is the definition of cosplay for you?
To me coplay is a passion, a hobby that's why it's important to enjoy the whole process of it from planning to result.

- When did you start doing cosplay and why?
I started back in 2008, i was curious about it and did some research for a year or two before i step into the circle.

- What was your first cosplay?
Inoue Orihime from Bleach

- What cosplay is a challenge for you?
I would say probably amour making type? I have no idea about it, and haven't started to explore more about it. but I can say I do feel amazed by cosplayers with props and amours.

- makes its own costumes ?
Yup, I do make my own costumes, it can stay close with my budget, and making costumes is one of the part i like about cosplay..so yea

-Which characters have played?

- What is the character who most want to play and why?
I would say Setsuna F Seiei from Gundam00. I really love G00 very very much. my dream version is do his plug suit version *w*

- What is the reaction of your family and friends about their work as cosplayer?
when I first started, family do find it weird and meaningless.
but no matter how, it's my choice, my passion and if I enjoy it, why not.

- How cosplayer you have a dream?
dream cosplay? I wish to continue on studio ghibli plans >w<

- Have you won an event, which, where, and with that cosplay?
I've do tried performing on stage, but I could say it's not really what I liked.. I guess i'm just too shy.

-what advice would you give to the cosplayers who are reading the interview, and those who are entering the world of costly
have a good planning and have fun

-what is your opinion about the cosplayers of mexico?
I've seen before through DA, yup ~ everyone is awesome

-At present there is much rivalry between the cosplayers, and there are those who believe they act with arrogance is the answer to be given the fame he obtained,
could give us your opinion:
Well, umm it depends on the person's personality i guess?
but towards me popularity and fame is not really what I cared more of. To me cosplays is about passion and fun. So if a person cosplays just to carve for fame, I have no comment on it

-Tell us some anecdote
Hmm, not really much to remember, but it's really a great experience to meet new friends.


-favorite food

sleep? XD

-favorite color
yellow < cheerful colours

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